WODKA SANGASTE 800 50.0% 0.5L, Spirits
WODKA SANGASTE 800 50.0% 0.5L, Spirits


Alcohol: 50.0%

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  • 0,5 L (58,00 EUR/L)
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Vodka 50 % vol

Sangaste winter rye is ground and mashed. It is saccharified and fermented with green malt and organic yeast. After 72 hours of fermentation, the mash has 8 % alcohol. This is distilled in a column system. At the end of the very slow distillation, the vodka has an alcohol content of 96.7 % vol and is stored for at least six months before it is brought to the typical Estonian strength of 50 % vol with spring water from the Pandivere plateau. With perfect craftsmanship and the best raw materials it needs no filtration, thereby maintaining the fine and clear taste. Subtle aromas of almonds, licorice and citrus combine with a fine sweetness and peppery notes to create an outstanding taste experience.

Nose: Very clear | Minimal cereal notes
Taste: Mild and clear | Light fennel and licorice notes | Citrus | Vanilla
Finish: Nutmeg | Almond | Black pepper

Ingredients: 100% organic Sangaste Winter Rye | Green Malt | Organic Yeast | Water
In the Estonian village of Sangaste, Count Friedrich Georg Magnus von Berg (1845-1938) bred the world's oldest winter rye still cultivated today. Over 40 crosses between different types of rye were produced by Graf Berg. Field tests with created lines were carried out over several years. As a result of uncontrolled cross-pollination, all populations appeared to be very diverse and heterogeneous. Count Berg decided on a different, albeit slower breeding method, the repeated selection of individual plants. The result of his extensive breeding was awarded at the World's Fair in Paris in 1889 and Chicago in 1893. For WODKA SANGASTE 800 Sangaste winter rye from organic farming is used, which is harvested in the region.
Distiller: Sven Ivanov
Origin: Moe, Lääne-Viru, Estonia

  • Alcohol: 50.0% vol.
  • OrganicDK-ØKO-100

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