HIMBEERE 251 26.7% 0.5L, Spirits
HIMBEERE 251 26.7% 0.5L, Spirits


Alcohol: 26.7%

39,00 EUR

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  • 0,5 L (78,00 EUR/L)
  • Incl. 20% VAT

Raspberry Liqueur 26,7 % vol

Katharina Zott studied enology in California and earned her doctorate in Bordeaux. For the love of the craft, she gave up her scientific career and took over her family’s distillery. This is located in Ustersbach, Bavarian Swabia. Her family has been farming there since 1530. Katherina exclusively processes fruit from her own cultivation. HIMBEERE 251 is a raspberry liqueur of a completely different kind. On the one hand, the raspberries are elaborately strained to obtain the purest possible fruit aroma, and on the other hand, only raspberry brandy is used.

Nose: fresh perfume scent | intense raspberry aroma | floral

Taste: raspberry | apricot | pineapple

Finish: raspberry | tart-sour | fruity

Ingredients: Raspberry Eau-de-Vie (from Maceration & Distillation) | Raspberry Direct Juice | Sugar

Distiller: Katharina Zott

Origin: Ustersbach | Swabia (Bavaria)

  • Alcohol: 26.7% vol.

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