GONDO AA 380 40.0% 0.5L, Spirits
GONDO AA 380 40.0% 0.5L, Spirits


Alcohol: 40.0%

36,00 EUR

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  • 0,5 L (72,00 EUR/L)
  • Incl. 20% VAT

Coffee Spirit Drink 40 % vol

GONDO AA 380 is another collaboration between Ralf Rüller, specialty coffee pioneer from Berlin, and Josef Farthofer, organic farmer and distiller from Austria. Gondo AA is a coffee from Murang'a County, Kenya. Ralf roasts these coffee beans much lighter than typical espresso blends to preserve fruity aromas. Josef creates a complex coffee spirit from this coffee with flavors of black elderberry, pineapple, dark chocolate, and vanilla. He macerates the ground beans in a distillate which he distills himself from wheat from his own cultivation in a column still. After the extraction of the coffee aromas the macerate is distilled in a pot still.

Nose: Blackcurrant | Spanish Cedar | Pineapple
Taste: Raspberry | Vanilla
Finish: Dark Chocolate | Forest Honey

Ingredients: Coffee GONDO AA (SL28 & SL34, Ruiru 11, Batian) | Neutral grain spirit | Water
Distiller: Josef Farthofer | Ralf Müller
Origin: Mostviertel, Lower Austria | Berlin, Germany

  • Alcohol: 40.0% vol.

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